Rising R&B Artist Eric Collins Shares His Infectious New Single “That’s Why!”

    Since a young age, Jacksonville, Florida-based R&B artist Eric Collins has always aspired to be an artist who blends genres while creating timeless records. Making his debut on our page this week, his brand new single “That’s Why!” combines that early 2000’s sound with a modern R&B feel, creating a unique sound that’s all his. His club songs and nighttime vibes create an unforgettable experience for a listener and are something that makes him an extraordinary artist.

    “That’s Why!” is a siren call of excellence that portrays an artist on the rise but equally mature in his songwriting craft. It’s a technical fascination, a triumph of production that knows how to sound damn cool while keeping the vibe mellow. Eric Collins shared about the release, “this song is ME. It’s a fun and groovy record that will make you want to dance. That’s the energy I want to bring to the R&B genre that I feel is lacking in our era.” “That’s Why!” demonstrates Eric Collins’s ability to craft unique compositions unfamiliar to anything else you’ve heard. He is original and inventive, with his colorful imagination taking his music to previously undiscovered places.

    Check out the new single below.


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