Rising R&B Sensation Rellz Unveils His New Album “Best Kept Secret”

    Following the lead single, “Fluent,” which beautifully delved into the complexities of love, Rising R&B artist and Long Island native Rellz follows up with his highly anticipated album Best Kept Secret.

    Comprising 10 soul-stirring tracks with a total runtime of 29 minutes, Best Kept Secret is an ode to Rellz’s artistry and growth as an artist. The album kicks off with the alluring “Not Your Best Friend,” instantly drawing listeners into Rellz’s world of smooth melodies and heartfelt lyrics. As you navigate through the rest of the album, Rellz’s crooning vocals seamlessly blend with the intricate production, creating a musical synergy that’s hard to resist.

    Consistency is the key that holds Best Kept Secret together. Rellz masterfully maintains the same energy throughout the album, showcasing his versatility as a performer on tracks like “I Like You” and “Twin Flame.” Each track has the potential to stand alone as a memorable piece, but when experienced in sequence, they weave a narrative that takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster.

    Rellz himself acknowledges the growth evident in this project, especially for his listeners, who have been by his side since his debut. He states, “My growth as an artist is extremely evident throughout this project, especially to my day-one fans who have been with me since my first release in 2016. For one, this is my longest project to date, but from start to finish, you can hear the intention of my pen and focus on each record.”

    The concept behind Best Kept Secret revolves around being a lover’s cherished possession—a sentiment that resonates deeply within each track. Rellz elaborates, “The idea of ‘Best Kept Secret’ was to hone in on this idea of being a lover’s prized possession. Someone that they want to keep to themselves and away from the world. And at the same time, I think that title speaks to my story and where I’m currently at in my career. Someone who you can’t believe you did not hear about sooner and can feel like is yours to have.”

    In a world where musical treasures are often hidden in plain sight, Rellz’s Best Kept Secret shines bright, inviting listeners to savor each moment and lyric. With its heartfelt tracks, cohesive sound, and Rellz’s unmistakable talent, this album is destined to leave a lasting imprint on the R&B landscape.


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