Rising Singer-Songwriter Makya Takes a Step Back on New Single “Wylin”

    One thing I can’t stand is being let down. Being emotionally let down by the ones you love the most has to be one of the worst feelings to experience. Reasons like that are why I hate being an empath. I can’t help but be negatively affected by others’ pain. Just like Makya’s new emotional single, “Wylin.” You cannot go through a full listen and not empathize with the raw emotion she pours out. Co-written by Forte Bowie and Chrystel Bagrou and produced by Tre Trax, the Lil Wayne “How To Love” inspired song is a conversation between her and her significant other explaining how and why they pushed her to the point of no return.

    Tre Trax’s acoustic production brings the best out of Makya’s passionate voice. Her voice is full of life, and the more I listen to her discography and peep her growth as an artist, it’s dope to see her grow into greatness. As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, “Wylin” brings a huge opportunity to leave the past behind to welcome a new and prosperous life. Not wanting to enter the new year with dead weight, this track is her breaking free from toxic behavior by cleansing her spirit. Don’t count out Makya in 2023. She could potentially put R&B listeners on notice.

    Listen to “Wylin” below.


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