Rising South Central LA Artist Sham1016 Drops Highly-Anticipated Album ‘Foul Play’

    You better come correct when you mention Sham1016. The fast-rising artist embodies everything about where he is from in his new project, ‘Foul Play.’ Representing South LA to the fullest, he embraces the city because he knows that shit is a part of his identity, and the LA homies will appreciate how much homage musically he pays to his hometown.

    Shot by Drew Robinson
    Artwork by Sham1016

    At 11-songs with a runtime of 29-minutes, the project is smooth, like an elegant glass of wine. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this body of work, noting how it’s flawlessly crafted from top to bottom. Every feature feels intentional and calculated. Platinum producer/songwriter-artist Ye Ali and Sham1016 vibe out on the standout track ‘Mood,’ which is such a relaxing party-slapper.

    I knew this project would be special after I heard, ‘Hurt Yourself‘ featuring Sean Swift and Kiilynn. This single is for all the simps out there. You can learn a thing or two from Sham1016 here on how to not get played and keep your feelings intact. Accompanying the song is an equally fire black and white music video that matches the somber aesthetic of the song. When you strip the video’s color, it adds more emotion to the message.

    “Through the pain I triumphed, through the darkness I found solace

    ‘Foul Play’ gets the stamp of approval for all interested listeners. Stream Sham1016′ new project below via Spotify.


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