Lundii Evokes Deep Emotions on His Latest EP “Hedonic”

    There’s a presence within R&B filled with artists who issue an insightful yet caliginous element that assists in an overall appeal to the listeners. The thrill of this sub-genre is a feat only mastered by a few. Lundii is among those talented musicians perfecting the meld.

    A native of Virginia, Lundii has impressed with his newest EP, Hedonic, which is a narration about the imperfections of love. With a runtime of 15 minutes, Lundii provides listeners with a cinematic presentation filled with a variety of sumptuous lyricism and dark-world production fitting the occasion. The acoustics heard throughout such as on “Medicine” and “Like Me” are pleasantly maddening in their ability to capture the aura surrounding Hedonic. Each record is a scene in a sensual thriller.

    The lushness of the EP is instilled in the vocalist’s ability to evoke every emotion imaginable. There’s a distinct, slow-paced nature of storytelling that separates Lundii from many. The depths of Hedonic span range into a euphoric escape of extensive thoughts and vices.

    “Heartbreak” is the final and exceedingly most personal track on the EP. The tastefulness in the record’s ability to be an overall summation of a phenomenal sequence assists in making Hedonic a must-listen. Lundii is a talented musician worth every listen. You can check out his new EP, Hedonic below.


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