Rizz Capolatti Keeps Building Anticipation With “At Da Ritz”

    It usually takes a couple of releases for an artist to truly find their footing and the overall direction they want to take their sound. But there are some exceptions, as artists like Rizz Capolatti come into the game prepared. Despite a two-year break since his first single “Hellutalmbout,” not much has changed because Rizz has returned with a renewed energy as if he never left.

    Produced by Groove, “At Da Ritz” will shatter listeners’ previous expectations of Capolatti. The soulful instrumental invokes a sense of nostalgia. Throughout the track, you can tell that the Atlanta rapper is unapologetically himself as he confidently raps about everything he looks forward to. Without appearing overly ambitious, his slow and steady flow allows listeners ample time to resonate with his aspiring message.

    “At Da Ritz” offers valuable insights into the type of rapper Rizz Capolatti embodies, solidifying the notion that he is far from fading away anytime soon. Having discovered his unique sound, it’s highly improbable that he will lose his momentum. The wait for this single was undoubtedly worthwhile, and it has heightened listeners’ anticipation for his forthcoming releases.

    Listen to “At Da Ritz” below:


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