R&B Singer-Songwriter RAAHiiM Revisits His Past in “Spin the Block”

    Can you believe it has been almost two years since singer-songwriter RAAHiiM released a complete project? Like me, you probably didn’t even notice. Mainly because he’s kept himself relevant through singles and making guest appearances like on Rory’s summer single, “Not Me.” In preparation for his album slated to release in 2023, he kicks things off with a newly released song titled “Spin the Block.”

    Spinning the block is a recipe for disaster. It’s a reason things didn’t work out the first time. But in this track, RAAHiiM feels like he has some unfinished business to attend to. “This song finishes up a story I’ve been telling,” RAAHiiM shared about the single.

    No lies were told when they said the season best suited for R&B music is the winter. Cold weather pairs well with the genre, and this track further proves that statement. Once you excuse the toxic energy that RAAHiim is exerting, you can’t help but run this one back a few times when you realize how good he sounds over the calm and relaxing production without giving off the impression he is forcing the vibe. I’ve always felt like some male R&B artists overdo it when trying to be portrayed in a certain way. RAAHiiM cracked the code and knew how to authentically be himself without the extra gimmicks attached. 

    I expect big things from RAAHiiM in the new year, and if this is a preview of his soon-to-be-released album, we are in store for another game-changing R&B project.

    Listen to “Spin the Block” below.


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