Rokkai Delivers an Irresistible Vibe on “Fuss!”

    In the ever-evolving world of music, artists often seek to push boundaries and challenge expectations. Rokkai, a talented musician who began his journey with a guitar in hand, has recently released his newest single and music video titled “Fuss!” This new offering marks Rokkai’s first release of the year, following his highly acclaimed 2022 project, Wit da homies.

    At 14-15, Rokkai embarked on his musical journey, teaching himself how to play the guitar. Initially, it was a hobby, but his passion for music grew stronger. During his sophomore year of college, Rokkai discovered a new realm of artistic expression by diving into producing and engineering. During this period, he found his place within the rap collective known as 602castncrew.

    “Fuss!” cover art

    Transitioning from guitar playing to rap may seem like a leap, but Rokkai’s journey unfolded organically. Hesitant to pursue rap, he gradually immersed himself in the craft, honing his skills by laying down verses in collaborative sessions with the 602castncrew group.

    As an artist, Rokkai constantly strives to challenge conventions and redefine his sound. When working on “Fuss!” he initially aimed for a more traditional boom-bap style, but the addition of drums to the melody transformed the track into something unexpected. Embracing this evolution, Rokkai realized that people had formed certain expectations about his music that no longer aligned with his artistic vision. With “Fuss!”, he sought to release something entirely distinct from his previous works, breaking away from preconceived notions.

    Rokkai’s latest single and music video release, “Fuss!” signifies a significant milestone in his musical journey. Building upon his past successes, particularly the highly regarded Wit da homies tape, Rokkai looks to see how far he can push his sound. 

    Watch the video for “Fuss!” below.


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