Ronn!e Digs Deep on His Debut Project “Better This Way”

    With features from Mick Jenkins, King Louie, and Josh K

    Chicago-based artist Ronn!e truly shines on his latest project, “Better This Way.” At 8 tracks with a runtime of 23 minutes, Ronn!e demonstrates a profound sense of self-awareness while seamlessly blending hip-hop and soul, occasionally showcasing his impressive vocal talents. He goes beyond his own lyrical skills by featuring notable artists such as Mick Jenkins, King Louie, and Josh K, adding further depth and diversity to the body of work.

    From the very beginning, the project sets a calm and inviting tone with its smooth production. Ronn!e’s charismatic voice and effortless flow tell the story of his interactions with a lover as he paints a kaleidoscopic picture of lust and love. As the album progresses, it transitions seamlessly into tracks like “Smart,” where Ronn!e’s dedication to his craft is evident, his unwavering confidence shining through every verse.

    Via Ronn!e

    With unwavering confidence, Ronn!e lyrically deconstructs his doubters over heavy production on the project’s fourth track, “Never Perfect,” which features King Louie. His throttling cadence and natural ability as a rapper highlight a lethal edge in his repertoire. Self-doubt is replaced with steadfast conviction, confidence, and a tireless work ethic, themes that persist throughout the album’s subsequent tracks, “You Wouldn’t Remember” and the Mick Jenkins-assisted closer, “Dreams.”

    The album concludes as personally as it began. On “Dreams,” with Mick Jenkins’ support, Ronn!e speaks directly to the listener, reiterating the hardships he faced while chasing his dreams. Acknowledging self-doubt, skepticism, and lack of support, he displays a vulnerability rarely seen from an artist’s debut. This candid approach adds an authentic touch to his music.

    Ronn!e proves himself to be an artist worth watching and even obsessing over. The dynamic ability showcased on “Better This Way” will leave listeners in awe of what he will create next. As he moves forward, there’s no doubt he will continue to explore his untapped potential, keeping his unique brand of cool intact while he continues on this journey of resilience and artistry.

    Listen to “Better This Way” below:


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