Sækyi Is Ready to Break Free Into New Heights on ‘Junie’

    Virginia-made rap/alternative hip hop artist Sækyi, stepped onto the scene in the summer of 2019 with a blazingly executed plan. With the release of his two singles, Cake and Speak Easy. The latter of which was featured in 2 Spotify editorial playlist, “Fresh Finds: Hip Hop” & “Shisha Lounge”. Sækyi’s brilliance and hardworking nature is the driving force to his ultimate goal; creating an experience for every listener through his music.

    Sækyi is ready to break free into new heights in 2020, on the back of the momentum he’s built off of his 2 recent releases Rem and Girls. It’s safe to say Sækyi has merely scratched the surface, and there are so many layers yet to be discovered. Stick around and you may find the perfect song for your life’s playlist.

    Today, Sækyi brings a youthful energy that is reminiscent of summers past on his latest single, Junie. Through his bold statements and hypnotizing cadence, Sækyi focuses on freedom and fun. This can be felt on the chorus where Sækyi states “Can’t nobody stop a n***a, I’m a renegade”. JUNIE is a burst of life that leaves you wanting more and more. Stream it down below.


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