Sækyi Self-Reflects With Impressive New Single “Angels Don’t Call Me”

    Sækyi adds another gem to his already impressive catalog with his latest single “Angels Don’t Call Me.” The record is beautifully captured through the production of Brandon Jhon, who utilizes lush synths and an array of keys to set the stage. The melding of various genres never dwindles regarding the Virginia star who’s here to rewrite the rules of modern music.


    — Sækyi recites on the new record

    Sækyi allows listeners to journey through his darkest thoughts of self-reflection. The nostalgic ballad allows listeners to peek at the true life of the fast-rising Virginia artist. This level of vulnerability from him adds to the star power of this record. His utilization of a gospel choir is also very metaphoric to the overall theme.

    “Angels Don’t Call Me” is an amalgamation of styles packed into one. Sækyi uses this powerful record to showcase his ever-evolving artistry and show why he has much promise as a musician.

    Check out the new single below.


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