Saint Lyor Serves As a Wonderful New Face For Contemporary Hip-Hop


    Van Buren Records’ own Saint Lyor serves as a wonderful new face for Contemporary hip-hop that fully embraces a futuristic and 808-heavy sound while also experimenting with elements of pop, electronic music, rap. Saint finds a way to incorporate all of these genres together to make for a very diverse EP with his latest release, If My Sins Could Talk.

    Throughout the eleven-track project he certainly does not let himself be defined by one sound. This EP flows very smoothly and its transitions are so well-crafted. Production, recording, and instrumentation are all crafted with precision to detail that fits the EP’s aesthetic like a glove. One thing that served as a pleasant surprise to me was how consistently strong this record was, especially near the back half. It’s not top-heavy or bottom-heavy by any means; there’s great tracks spread all throughout. Saint does a great job of not letting this project drag and become boring.  

    There’s something bubbling underneath the surface that make Saint Lyor’s soundscapes enticing. I can’t wait to see what Shake will release to us in the future; judging on this album, she is definitely capable of making a BIG sound. Stream the new EP down below.

    Favorite Tracks: Big Facts, Sweet, Less Friends More Bandz