Sakura’s Debut EP ‘Don’t Overthink It’ Soothes the Soul

    Atlanta, GA-based artist Sakura’s debut EP “Don’t Overthink It” is a seven-song offering that captures her soothing vocals in a way that makes for a compelling listen. Throughout the 17-minute offering, the airy vocals are brought to life by Sakura’s image-invoking lyricism and tone. Kicking things off with “When You’re Better,” Sakura’s grand entrance into the EP is bold, highlighting the powerful subject matter and equally extraordinary musicality of the rising artist. Speaking on the new release, Sakura had this to say, “about 4 months ago I decided to put a project together with songs that I had written from two years ago until now. Once I decided which songs I wanted, everything kind of fell into place.”

    Production-wise, “Don’t Overthink It” is a simplistic and welcomed venture for the rising songstress. The minimal production on tracks like “Pray” and the acoustic “I Can’t Call You Baby,” allows Sakura’s vocal display and the narrative to take center stage making her vocal presence known. It is easy to get lost in the dreamlike wonders of Sakura’s vocals over a few beautiful chimes, only to be sent back with the thud of a powerful kick.  

    With each release marking another growth in her artistry, Sakura has created a clear path for her continued growth and future releases that we can assume will be handled as preciously as her most recent work. With clear talent and a seemingly boundless artistic ability, Sakura is only warming up. Check out the new EP down below and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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