Sam Austins Shines in His Debut Project ‘HOMELESS STAR’

    Detorit's Sam Austins defines himself with his new project 'HOMELESS STAR'

    The latest delivery from Sam Austins, Detroit’s rising alternative pop star, ‘HOMELESS STAR,’ is an incredible voyage through Austins’ rise up to this point. The Assemble Sounds artist, now Los Angeles-based creates a cohesive interpretation of his tribulations through his unique combination of R&B, alternative hip-hop, and pop. Despite the mosh pit of genres, Sam and his virtuoso team of producers can blend them into a soothing audio experience that embodies his coming of age story.

    The progression of the album plays like a storybook. Starting with his upbringing in ‘KILOS,’ leading into his recognition and rise, peaking at ‘JOY FOR YOUTH,’ where Sir Chloe, brings her own alternative rock tendencies to spice up the already vibrant track. But like thunder comes after the lightning, the crescendo of the project comes with ‘MISTER BLUE.’ This is a reminiscent track in which Austins creates a bright glow for those battling their own mister blues. Leaning into his pop sensibilities, it gives off the energy of a contemporary Elton John.

    The project shows how far he’s come as well as his hopes and dreams for the future. Drawing from his various influences comes across honestly, with some of his melodies closely resembling some Dave Grohl or Cobain. The 90’s alternative wave plays a large part in his sound, combine that with today’s plethora of amazing R&B, and we have Sam Austins. This is sure to be one of many well-executed conceptual projects from the multifaceted creative.


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