Sammyoffthewall Shares New Single “Slow It Down”

    When both parents grew up in the birthplace of Hip-Hop, it was destined to be Sammyoffthewall’s future. This newcomer has been steadily releasing music for about five years and is truly coming into his own sound. With a voice that carries inspiration from 90s New York rap, blended with modern-day productions, Sammyoffthewall brings a unique record every time. Earlier this year, he released his latest project, Tier 222 Glory, which featured the lead single “Cancel On Me,” showcasing his high energy and well-versed lyrics. Now, as he continues to work on his next project, he kicks things off with his newly released single, “Slow It Down,” representing the focus on taking life one day at a time.

    “Slow It Down” is a song that embodies the essence of slowing down and living in the present moment. Sammyoffthewall shares that the inspiration for the track came about in the spring/summer of 2022 when he and his two peers were rehearsing for a performance. Seeking something fresh and unique, they decided to start working on a song from scratch that day. Despite writing the majority of the record, the song was temporarily forgotten. However, about a year later, it resurfaced and found its way to the world. “Slow It Down” encapsulates the sentiment of consciously slowing life’s pace. Although we cannot stop the clock, mentally staying in our moments and avoiding excessive focus on the future allows us to savor life’s experiences.

    As Sammyoffthewall works on his next project, listeners can look forward to more visuals for “Slow It Down” and upcoming releases in the second half of the year. With his dedication to his craft and unique musical style, it’s clear that Sammyoffthewall is an artist on the rise. 

    Listen to “Slow It Down” below.


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