Samplelov Delivers Soothing Vibes On Debut Album ‘As You Are’

    album cover shot by: @gbabyarts cover design by: @mejiwahn, @HRSociete


    Oakland, CA songstress Samplelov delivers her debut album As You Are. At 13-tracks in length, the body of work sets the standard incredibly high for Samplelov and hints at her incredible vocal talent.

    At a much lengthier offering, the record gets straight to point with lyrics that comfort the heartbroken, allowing anyone to feel empathy while listening to Samplelov recounts her emotional hardships. With a bedroom pop sound, the Bay Area upstart, is beginning to find her own ways. Each track manages to transition to the next in way that makes for a cohesive listen from beginning to end. The the swoozy instrumentals escort her breezy vocals fantastically, making it the perfect tape to listen to winding down.

    Overall the album is an intensely original moment in a genre that has been lackluster and dry recently. Samplelov shows innovation and the drive to move the style forward instead of letting it stand still where it is. Take a listen to the debut album down below.