San Diego’s Own unotimestwo Returns With His New Visual ‘Fake!’


San Diego’s own unotimestwo returns with the release of the visual to “FAKE!”, featuring Lil Daydream, from his album “DEEP PURPLE”. With psychedelic production from longtime collaborator Thursday and with the video shot and edited by Rich Flickz of The Kitchen4K, these visuals keep you coming back again and again. Shot with the backdrop of downtown San Diego in the latter stages of the day, the visuals allow a glimpse into the mind off all 4 creatives.

While unotimestwo has been gearing up for his new “VERANO” release on June 20th, this call back to the “DEEP PURPLE” era breathes fresh life into his first album while keeping supporters happy until the summertime release for his EP. Following up the “STRESS” visual with “FAKE!” seems to only be the start of what is lining up to be a busy summer from the Daygo upstart. He seems to have finally put his foot on the gas, and hopefully, he doesn’t take it off. For Lil Daydream, who is fresh off the release of the sixth installment in his “alone.” series, this represents his first visual. After a long hiatus, he has come back with purpose and looks to improve on what he has already built.

With “DEEP PURPLE” and “alone. 6” out, and new music and visuals on the way from both artists, this is hopefully only the start of a quality run of music for both uno and Daydream, with more to come.