Savannah Creative Pote Baby Creates His Own Lane on New Self-Entitled EP

    Savannah creative Pote Baby delivers his brand new self-entitled EP. Pulling inspiration from his love for the early 2000s Southern hip hop, Pote Baby presents a musically diverse hip-hop project that doesn’t fit the mold. “I wanted twang raspiness and hard-hitting drums for this project,” said Pote to SL via email. With a blend of various influences, the EP makes for a listen full of thrills and delights.

    The opening track Pote N Beans is the perfect introduction to the project and Pote Baby for those unfamiliar. Losin It is a personal favorite with a catchy hook and infectious production. Pote’s energy on the track is unmatched and his cadence and delivery make for a cohesive listen from beginning to end. Each track carries a different vibe while also keeping the underlining sound intact. “I want people to understand that this is literally just the beginning,” said Pote Baby. “None of my projects will sound the same. The only reoccurring theme you will find throughout my projects is I’m telling the truth” he added.

    From the explosive opening track to the closing somber 2Piece, Pote Baby offers a cinematic, impassioned, and personal adventure through and through. The EP is a hopeful and introspective project as Pote Baby makes the most of the cards he’s dealt. Check out the new EP down below.


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