“Scorpio Moon” Receives a New Studio Version From Phabo

    Gearing up for his full-length album dropping later this year, Los Angeles-based R&B singer-songwriter Phabo shares his new single “Scorpio Moon.”

    “Scorpio Moon” is a remarkable ballad that showcases Phabo’s exceptional creative abilities, as he co-produced and wrote the song with Louie Lastic. It exudes a renewed sense of confidence, ambition, and direction, making it another notable addition to the artist’s repertoire.

    “‘Scorpio Moon’ is a song that playfully mirrors the way in which people use Zodiac signs to avoid accountability for the chaos they’ve caused,” says Phabo about the inspiration behind the song.

    “I wanted it to feel as if I had just been given the floor in couples therapy and to feel as though it was my partner’s first time hearing me divulge these emotions. Those with Scorpio moons are said to have the propensity to seek revenge as well as the innate ability to sense when they’ve been wronged. This song is my brave attempt to make things right.”

    “Scorpio Moon” is a stunning showcase of Phabo’s talent and artistry and a tantalizing glimpse of what we can expect from his upcoming album. With its raw emotion, thoughtful lyrics, and expertly crafted production, this song will surely resonate with listeners and continue to cement Phabo’s place as one of R&B’s rising stars.

    Listen to Phabo’s new studio version of “Scorpio Moon” below.


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