Seago Has Expensive Taste in New Single “Standards”

    Seago is a rising artist that has helped rejuvenate my interest in what I thought was a dying genre. Not only is he not afraid to stay within imaginary boundaries, but he isn’t afraid to do the unexpected and not follow the rules. Seago certainly strikes me as an artist with the guts to always follow his creative ambition rather than settle for mediocrity. Seeing him previously flourish by repeatedly taking chances with his sound, such as putting more emphasis on his flows and allowing them to run freely. Doing this puts him in a position to cement his spot far past the underground scene.

    His newly released single, “Standards” earned Seago all the necessary bragging rights. His unorthodox vocal delivery and dreamy production make the track worth your time. Alt-pop music is a trendy genre for many reasons, and “Standards” checks off a bunch of the necessary boxes needed to have that mainstream appeal. It doesn’t force itself to be exciting or too pretentious. Instead, there’s more of a focus on the atmosphere that Seago can create with his somber energy.

    Seago’s remarkable yet succinct discography has produced yet another treasure in the form of “Standards.” As the debut single from his upcoming album, Silver it hints at something even more extraordinary to come.

    Stream “Standards” on Spotify below.


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