seeyousoon Set Up Second Album With Ominous New Single ‘NO DAYLIGHT’

    Buzzing Floridian 9-piece seeyousoon begin the journey to the reveal of their second album with ominous new rap single ‘NO DAYLIGHT,’ a bustling track showcasing the unique flows from this diverse group of talented artists. Built atop a bed of murky beats, the song is an exciting first look into what is coming next from the hotly regarded collective.

    "'NO DAYLIGHT' is the first single from our second album. Our descent into true form. Welcome to the show. The single was inspired by Berlin’s electronic music scene. When we sat down to produce the track, there was a convention by the name of Mussikmesse taking place in Germany at the time. One of our producers was keeping up with the coverage of the event and felt inspired to make a track that pulled a lot of energy from Germany’s rich history in dance music culture." — seeyousoon

    seeyousoon had a big debut in 2020, with their 14-track album VIDÉ which is still in heavy rotation. Continuing to build off that momentum, the collective keeps things in motion. The new single is accompanied by a stunning Cult Classic-directed video that showcases another side of the budding group. Enhancing the ominous vibes of the song, close-up shots and various camera transitions of individuals within the clique captures each member’s energy in an eye-catching way. Check out the new video down below.


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