“Idttk Freestyle” Showcases Shah Infinite’s Undeniable Talent

    Shah Infinite is a rising star you possibly haven’t heard of yet. But over time, you will start to see his name pop up more and more often. This Southeast DC lyricist has been gaining much momentum recently, especially after coming off a multi-city HOM3 Tour alongside Reggie Becton and Jordan Hawkins. So it doesn’t come as any surprise to see that he kept that momentum going with his newly released single, “Idttk Freestyle.” 

    Infinite is much more than a lyrical rapper; this single shows that in full effect. In internet culture, that acronym stands for “I don’t think they know,” and the title foreshadows him changing up his sound to show listeners he’s still evolving.

    Zac Vaughn’s serene production creates a heavenly atmosphere that feels like the soundtrack to entering paradise. It injects a sense of bliss that washes away your concerns and makes your problems fade away. Despite its short duration of under two minutes, the calculated lyrics leave a lasting impact.

    Listening to “Idttk Freestyle,” I can read the room and conclude that this might be Shah Infinite’s breakout year. With his upcoming mixtape, Now & Later, around the corner, I could possibly see that as the release that puts him on the map. 

    Until then, be sure to stream “Idttk Freestyle” on Spotify below.


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