Shalom Dubas Returns With Her New Single ‘Don’t Leave’

    It’s been 14 months since Shalom Dubas’ last release, and she now resurfaces with new music that clearly indicates she’ll be a force to be reckoned with as the year continues to pick up. Her newly released single ‘Don’t Leave’ connects seamlessly with both concrete and subconscious feelings we hold about love. With her own style of Afro-fusion music, Shalom Dubas has an innate ability to pull sounds together from everywhere she’s been, creating one unique wave.

    ‘Don’t Leave’ is a song about recognizing that a mutual attachment is fading away, pleading against it, but understanding that what comes next must be better if and when it happens. It’s a sonic foreshadowing. Shalom Dubas’ has a straight-toned and simple voice that glides over the production in a way that focuses on her expertly-crafted lyrics. On top of her musical abilities, she can break down the issues that plague her mind using vivid imagery, setting her apart from other up-and-coming acts.

    Listen to ‘Don’t Leave’ below.


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