Virginia Songstress Shann Delivers a Chilling 3 Song EP Titled “Coldwithoutu”

    Virginia songstress Shann has been a talent to be attentive to since hearing her 2022 upbeat record, “Without Trying.” Her voice radiates with authenticity listeners can feel in every note. She’s arrived for what should be an exciting 2023 with a brand new EP titled, Coldwithoutu.

    An epic offering for an artist with much promise. In approximately seven minutes, Shann impresses with a chilling sequence of deep-rooted lyricism, an extensive range of production, and a stunning voice to narrate the moment. This equation sums up a new generation of R&B artists who are ready to carry the torch.

    The EP details heartbreak gracefully and can be broken down into three (3) segments; A beautifully recited, poetic introduction setting the stage for a whirlwind of a self-titled record. The record, “Coldwithoutu” possesses a captivating sense of production to secure listeners into the overall aura of the project. “Final Trade” is a powerful record showcasing Shann’s vocal range. It’s filled with passion, harmonies, and an abundance of detail to capture the essence of a stellar EP. Seemingly with ease, “Final Trade” is the type of song with longevity.

    As the year in music kicks into high gear, Shann will be an artist to continue watching. You can check out her stunning new EP below.


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