Shann Peels Back Layers of Her Intimate Life in New Single ‘Same Page’

    I know you are familiar with the saying “right person, wrong time.” If you’ve been in a situation like this, it feels as if, for whatever reason, there is a disconnection. You can never get on the same page no matter what you do. Shann revisits a similar time in her life when she was forced to prioritize herself at the most vulnerable state in her new FULMETALPARKA$-produced single ‘Same Page.’

    “Even though I’m in such a happy place, I realized what I wrote was a simple version of something that my conscious needed to say.” — Shann

    We might have ourselves an early contender for the anthem of the summer in April, which is insane. I can assure you that the hookah lounges will be turnt all the way up whenever the DJ plays this bop at brunch. This song definitely gives off that summer vibe, and Shann’s intoxicating vocals lead the way.

    I’m so over these fairy-tale love songs that are just unrealistic. They don’t feel like authentic experiences they’ve gone through, and it shows. In a market saturated with a lot of the same sounds and the same voices, very rarely do we come across someone who seamlessly blends genres without sacrificing commercial viability. Instead, I desire to hear more songwriters like Shann that are blunt as they come. ‘Same Page’ is sweet, vulnerable, and sonically adventurous from an artist who’s clearly found her sound. With that being said, make sure to give the new single a listen and keep the rising artist on your radar because it’s evident she has much more in store.

    Listen to ‘Same Page’ below via Spotify and head over here to listen wherever you get your music.


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