Shelem’s New Project Takes a Much More Interactive Approach

    Isaac Shelem Fadiga, better known by his mononym Shelem is a 24-year old hip-hop artist/producer. Born in Silver Spring, MD to parents from the Ivory Coast in West Africa, he began producing at age 14 and recording his own songs a year later. After graduating from Marshall University in Huntington, WV with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2018, he moved to Charleston, WV. His debut album, The Jaunts, was released on September 22nd, 2018.

    In April 2020, Shelem released his sophomore project titled UhhYup! The Mixtape. His most notable song, Butter, was the product of a social media challenge in which he used fan-submitted words and phrases to craft the lyrics and instrumental of the song. This song has amassed over 19K streams across all platforms. Following the success of Butter, Shelem released music videos for two songs from UhhYup!: Renegade and
    Yada Yada.

    At the top of 2021, Shelem announced his next project was to be released as an interactive game of bingo. In lieu of releasing the songs in one packaged album, each song is being released weekly. The cover art of each release corresponds with an icon on a unique, computer-generated game board that fans receive by registering through his website. As songs are released, players will mark the corresponding icons to reach
    a 4-in-a-row alignment, at which point they’ll be eligible for a number of prizes including hats, stickers, and for the grand prize winner, a one-of-a-kind UhhYup! Bingo themed tee shirt. Listen to the first two releases I’m a Fan and Prey. down below.


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