Sid Shyne Shows What He Is Truly Made of in New EP ‘ADRENALINE’

    One notable difference between newer artists and their older counterparts is how the new generation makes sure to show love to the next class of stars before they blow up. One artist who has always done his part is Lil Yachty, and his newest cosign is emerging star Sid Shyne. After a slew of remarkable singles, Sid has finally released his much-anticipated new EP titled ‘ADRENALINE.’

    His latest release prevails past any previous expectations I had for him. With six tracks and a runtime of 17-minutes, that’s all the time needed to showcase Sid’s explosive talent. There wasn’t one dull moment in this project from start to finish. These tracks feel like they were all created to get you as hype as possible. The intro track ‘Identity Crisis‘ prepares you for the exhilarating journey Sid musically takes you on. I love the line where he says, “this is my crescendo, f*cking up your earlobes,” to let people know what type of time he’s on. The second to last track, ‘Halo Effect,’ is also one of my favorites from the project. The title references the video game series Halo, and coincidently the beat sounds like the soundtrack of a video game when you are in a high-speed chase.

    This EP is for sure worth a listen, so be sure to check it out on your preferred streaming platform and follow Sid Shyne on social media to see what’s in store for the young artist.


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