Simi Liadi Is Chasing Peace of Mind on “MSB”

    From the outside looking in, a notable aspect of being an artist is the ability to express oneself candidly as necessary. To show how much music and culture have evolved, I remember a time when conveying your feelings through music necessitated using indirect methods to communicate your message effectively. But nowadays, you have artists like Maryland’s Simi Liadi who have found perfect balance in their music. Her latest single, “MSB,” produced by Baba, is an uplifting record that reminds listeners they are in control of their destiny. Every minute of this track has so much pure joy and emotion.

    Simi Liadi’s music is a great example of how current artists can respectfully pay homage to their cultural background without blatantly copying it. So I love how she paid the ultimate amount of tribute to her West African roots with this new single—and the final result is a timeless record.

    While music is commonly seen as a source of entertainment, this song surpasses that notion. Like every film doesn’t need to be a cutting-edge drama, Simi Liadi confidently rises to the occasion in “MSB,” embracing the task of delivering immense energy intertwined with meaningful depth, much like a gem-studded creation.

    Listen to “MSB” below.


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