Singer-Songwriter jessa Lets Go Of Her Worries in “TUFF”

    Alternative R&B artist jessa never falls short of remaining true to herself and her listeners. There’s a certain level of authenticity in her music that I never get tired of. The Bronx singer-songwriter knows how to meticulously craft a relatable song based on her personal experiences of love and heartbreak. Her newest single, “TUFF,” does exactly that as she vents her frustrations of being romantically underwhelmed.

    It can be more than challenging to move past emotional disappointment. The premise revolves around jessa being unsatisfied with the cards life has dealt her. Understanding that she can’t get upset at something she can’t control, jessa comes to a moment of realization. Produced by Lupin, his bright, cheerful production reinforces that she is still in good spirits as she lets her vocals fly freely all over this record. Only a handful of artists could replicate her raw vulnerability in this track.

    Once you watch the supporting video for the song, it instantly makes you feel nostalgic. Directed by fellow artist and friend Raffaella, you can tell her intention was to have a video that takes viewers back to a simpler time, which is why it’s shot at a shopping mall. jessa relives her adolescence days as she takes it upon herself to return to the mecca of all heartbreaks. Overall, it’s a very wholesome and innocent video that will hit harder if you grew up in the 2000s.

    jessa is definitely an artist to keep on your radar, as she is someone on the verge of potential stardom. Check out the new single below.


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