Sir Eddie C Makes a Welcome Return With His Impressive New EP ‘Gelato’

    With a unique sense of style and take on the world, South St. Louis artist Sir Eddie C is constantly inspired by those around him. His music strikes an outstanding balance between sensational vocal performances and infectious melodies. Jumping between hip-hop and R&B, Sir Eddie C subverts expectations to make the music he wants to make. That distinct vision for his sound has allowed him to specialize in what he describes as “regular people music.” While his artistic identity meets at several points, being “jiggy” and socially aware are underlining themes in his music.

    His latest EP ‘gelato,’ is a much-anticipated offering that marks a new era for the rising artist. At three songs with a runtime of exactly 11-minutes, there’s such a range sonically throughout these tracks that showcase Sir Eddie C’s versatility in such a unique yet intentional way. Every detail in production and personal highs and lows was executed to perfection. There’s a level of conciseness to the music, feeling like one ongoing story as you listen through. The Be.Be-assisted song ‘godbody’ is personally the high point of the EP for me. Be.Be’s mellifluous background vocals enhance Sir Eddie C’s infectious flow in a way that will have you running this one back a few times.

    I’m not sure how you could make a better reintroduction into music than Sir Eddie C’s ‘gelato,’ but the EP in its entirety is meant to be marinated on. It’s still very early in Sir Eddie C’s career, but ‘gelato’ demonstrates his incredible potential. If his growing catalogue is any indication of what’s to come, then definitely get familiar with the artist while you can still claim you’re early.

    Check out the new EP below.


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