SK808 Is Untouchable on “SK8Park”

    I’m proud of how far music producers have come. No longer in the shadows, people finally realize how important they are to the creative process. One of my favorite producers in the game has to be Atlanta’s SK808. Musically, he’s extremely talented and can’t seem to miss production-wise. His track history shows he has an extensive range with the ability to produce for a variety of artists such as Karlae, EARTHGANG, 42 Dugg, and much more. Most recently, SK808 switched things up by giving the world his new 8-track project “SK8Park.”

    Spanning 19-minutes, each track on the project sounds calculated, and that exceeds the high expectations set by his 2021 offering “ThankGod4808s.” To get things started, ScaleBreakerBlo walks all over this high-octane beat with his unforgiving attitude on “Slide.” Once you hear that signature SK808 tag on the intro track, you know shit just got serious. My favorite aspect of this project was seeing SK808 hand-pick artists that you wouldn’t usually see all in one place and putting them on the forefront. He could’ve easily gone the commercial route, but he opted to put listeners onto newer artists that he personally enjoys listening to himself.

    Another standout on this project is the song “All In (#FreeBerg)” featuring Berg285. I was so impressed by how on-point Berg’s lyricism was. I had no choice but to check out the rest of his discography after hearing the way he flowed over SK808’s hard-hitting production. “How You Wanna Play It” sees SK808 flexing his lyrical chops with slick punchlines — showing that he is more than just a producer.

    SK808 continues to prove himself not only as a producer but also as an inventive and unique artist that isn’t afraid to be himself. The versatility, creative eye, and strong technical ability make SK808 an artist to look out for, and “SK8Park” is the perfect introduction if you’re just now getting hip. 

    Listen to “SK8Park” below.


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