‘Soulstice’ Is a Brilliant Showcasing of Deshawn Visionz’s Versatility

    Sacramento, California-based artist Deshawn Visionz’s music often draws inspiration from the likes of Saba and Isaiah Rashad. He delivers an incredible listening experience with his latest project, “Soulstice.” Staying true to his creative, storytelling-themed music, “Soulstice” is an encapsulation of everything the artist has been making since the dawn of his career. The album consists of 12 songs and has a playtime of 34 minutes, making it a substantial yet concise body of work.

    “This project was about the pain and strife that the past year brought. It ultimately ended in the decision to push through and overcome to get to the bigger picture.” — Deshawn Visionz

    “Soulstice” is a perfect showcase of Deshawn Visionz’s improvement throughout the years as he hones his sound into something that’s all him. Tracks like “Bird’s Eye View” and “No More Disguises” showcase his lyrical side, while tracks like “Speeding” and “Summers In Brooklyn” showcase more of his melodic side. Despite it being the very early stages of his career, Deshawn Visionz makes an unforgettable impression that leaves us wanting more.

    Overall, the body of work comes across organically built atop sturdy instrumentation and lyrical relatability. It is a representation of Deshawn Visionz’s authenticity as an artist. If you haven’t heard of him before, now is the perfect time to be introduced. “Soulstice” is out now and available on streaming services. Check it out below.


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