South African Songstress Filah Lah Lah Delivers Her Debut EP ‘Filahsofy’


    South African songstress Filah Lah Lah made her debut on our publication earlier this month with her stunning video This Is off her debut EP Filahsofy.

    At 6-tracks in length, The best part of Filah‘s debut is her gorgeous vocal performance. Her refreshingly confident and powerful voice manages to capture the essence of the whole EP. Filah‘s vocal talent is met with equally interesting somber production. The opening song captures the potential of the record. While the songs have a vintage aesthetic, I find the unique production to bring it into the 21st century.

    Throughout the EP, Filah‘s personality is unique; her voice is a brilliantly polished factor that nowadays music misses. She dives herself into every track like she was living it out so real. The emotions are felt, her speech is clear and the execution is infectious, and there are many reasons to explain why Filahsofy overhang with grandeur. Stream the new EP down below.

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