Building Your Own Constellation; ‘Starliner Pack’ EP by LOS

    “Starliner solidifies itself as a source of motivation for anyone that can see through his down south hieroglyphics.”

    South Texas rap artist LOS starts the first quarter of 2021 with a 4-song Starliner Pack EP. Over half a year since his previous single Shot, The Sheriff LOS retains the same amount of energy as he did before he left off, with an even more significant source to exhaust than ever before. With production from producers like Cuffedgod, Uglyfriend, Kevin Katana, and Donnie Katana, LOS puts his best foot forward at the start of the year. Showing off a bit of his endurance while maintaining his aces kept under his sleeve. Teasing us with four back-to-back missiles of rapping, knowing there is more hidden soon to arrive on our doorstep at any given moment.

    The Starliner Pack comes equipped with 4-songs showcasing LOS’s poetic storytelling ability while upholding the elements of southern rap that make him the artist he is today. Another example of LOS showing his endurance with his sound; showing you this will never get old because it’s organic. Rather than getting some mass-produced style from who knows where, you’re better off getting the all-natural sounds that come from LOS—and it’s that easy. You could tune in to some of LOS’s old work, which may still have the same effect. However, the new work is more specific than ever before, almost as if you had been looking through the crack of a door that is now wide open.

    “I’m a lonely man today, but I’ll be a king tomorrow.” – LOS (Today,Tomorrow)

    With songs like Today, Tomorrow, or Me2, LOS maintains his pace as an artist with a message. Starting off the pack with a heavy reminder of precisely who LOS is for those who don’t know—or forgot—ending the pack off with songs like Sin & BM Benz where LOS continues to display his lyrical ability while tapping into his roots of southern rap. Like tennis, LOS goes back and forth with his rhyme scheme outdoing himself one line after another. The lessons of staying true to yourself and knowing the results of hard work resonate throughout this EP. Starliner solidifies itself as a source of motivation for anyone that can see through his down south hieroglyphics. 

    LOS’ sermon hasn’t changed since we last saw him, but he experienced much more than usual. Time has been good to our down south friend, but the ever-lasting hunger for success still plagues him and those around him. He is not a victim of his environment but an observer—and as much as he would like to teach his observations, he sees that he can only introduce himself. To walk into what he deserves, he sees only the person who can build his bridge is himself. The open hands now hold the tools they need, and LOS shows us this with his Starliner Pack EP. Your destiny and your legacy are your own to achieve—in the night sky, where will they point to remember you?

    Stream Starliner Pack below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming services. Also, peep here for a teaser visual for the entire project.


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