Southside Dame Had the Perfect Game Plan on “In My Mind”

    It can easily be said that Kansas City, Missouri artist Southside Dame has one of the top projects this year. Since his last full-length offering “Don’t Be Like Me,” Dame has musically made so much progress. His latest project “In My Mind,” shows he took the necessary steps to master his craft.

    There’s no reason for all nine songs on this project to hit as hard as they do. For example, the intro track “Kickback,” can easily be claimed as the project’s best song. Most people like to ease into their project and work their way up, not Southside Dame. He jumps straight into it and sets the tone right off the bat. He does what he wants, and that feels like the theme of the album. Throughout the project, Dame didn’t try to overcomplicate the message and be fake deep. In each song, he lets you know exactly how he feels in the moment.

    “This album means everything to me because I feel like it’s a soundtrack to where I’m at in life right now. This project was like my therapy.” — Southside Dame

    Then you have tracks like “Spinagain,” where he shows you his lyrical prowess. I like it when artists who got bars don’t go extremely fast where you can’t even process what they’re saying. But Dame keeps that steady treadmill speed, so you can feel every bar he’s spitting. The outro, “Life Don’t Stop,” gives me flashbacks of being on a thrilling roller coaster. You know when you are having the time of your life, and it hits you? That this moment won’t last forever and eventually has to end. Thankfully this isn’t the end for Southside Dame; it’s more of a resurgence. All it took was for him to take a small break to come back better than ever. 

    Listen to “In My Mind” below.


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