Detroit’s Srch Engn Balances Vulnerability and Euphoria in “Boy”

    Detroit artist Srch Engn is navigating his way through the textures of sound and the limitless array of genres. As the year nears an end, his new project Boy is an alternative offering that mingles electronic, indie, and hip-hop traits to get you feeling good throughout the rest of the season.

    A lovechild of digital and analog eras, Engn’s self-direction has steered him into an abundance of freedom, expression, and oddly satisfying arrangements. While many recoil at the thought of vulnerability, Engn craves self-liberation through his pure and radical honesty. At 8-tracks, with a runtime of 42-minutes, there’s a certain level of compositional fearlessness mirroring deep therapy on Boy—a comfort in being uncomfortable. Tracks like “St Johns” and “Fast Forward” see Srch Engn being more vulnerable than ever, while the EP’s title track does an excellent job of showcasing his versatility.

    “Boy” cover art

    Boy is about my life from ages 16-21—what I’d say was the most intense stage for me growing up, both the highs and the lows. There’s quite a bit of instrumentation and plenty of musical risks taken. I just ask that you keep a curious, vulnerable ear, that’s all.

    — Srch Engn

    In its entirety, Boy is a narrative-driven project told from the perspective of Srch Engn, and everyone radicalized throughout the body of work. An artist to add to your playlist, Srch Engn is undeniably a musician to pick up the mood at any given moment. He has mastered the art of conveying refreshingly raw and candid subject matter in a novel way, and it is part of what makes him stand leagues ahead of his nearest cohorts.

    Listen to Boy below.


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