St. Louis’ pinkcaravan! Plays It Cool on Newly Released Single “Bananaz”

    Just like that, St. Louis artist pinkcaravan! is finally back with some tropical vibes in time for the summer. Right when you least expect it, she reappears out of the shadows with an optimistic new single “Bananaz.” In just 2022 alone, she has only released one song so far “Easy Bake,” leaving fans wanting more.

    I never know what to expect going into a pinkcaravan! song, which is actually a good thing. Unpredictable creatives are my favorite creative type because they aren’t afraid to fail. When they succeed, it unintentionally inspires other artists to take a risk, which helps keep the music fresh. By keeping it fresh, pinkcaravan! goes absolutely bananas on her new single.

    Nothing beats working with people who understand you and have a similar background. pinkcaravan! perfectly proved my theory by linking up with fellow Missourian and longtime collaborator, Namesake for another hit. The animated production provided by Namesake is straight fire. He naturally understands her sound and perfectly matched her bubbly energy. She doesn’t take herself too seriously with the lyrics; she genuinely sounds like she is enjoying herself. Her infectious energy is undeniable, just like her star power.

    Hoping to hear more from the St. Louis artist this year. Listen to ‘Bananaz’ below.


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