Startheonly1ne Just Wants To Have a Good Time on New Single “Outside”

    I don’t know about y’all, but I’m (safely) outside to the fullest this summer! I’m making up for all the time I lost stuck in the house due to the pandemic. Realizing that I can never get that time back has given me a different outlook on life, and I’m sure rising Houston artist Startheonly1ne can relate. Star’s new single “Outside,” reminds listeners that he isn’t the same person as before, but confirms a new star has been born.

    The purpose and intention of going “outside” are to create experiences you cannot do at home. If this song is what the outside feels like, I don’t ever want to go back in. So many songs force a vibe, but not this track. It seems like Star didn’t force himself to take the party banger route, as this song is better suited for a pre-game turn-up. 

    Living up to his name, Star music confirms that he’s a one-of-a-kind artist. His lyrics make you feel like the homie just scooped you from the crib, and y’all are about to kick-start the week. I feel like I have a personal experience with him when listening to his music. Going through his previously released work, I noticed that Star tends to pick great beats that help get in touch with his sensitive side. This makes sense because he recorded, mixed, and mastered this song. Recording it solo worked in his favor because he was probably more willing to go all out.

    Listen to the festive single below, and follow Startheonly1ne on all socials.


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