Step Into Kai Ca$h’s World With the Electrifying “Rather Be.” Video

    Fresh off the heels of the highly successful single “Soul Ties,” rising Brooklyn, NY native Kai Ca$h returns with a visually stunning new music video for his latest Hollywood Cole-produced track, “Rather Be.” Directed and edited by Only Dope Media, this captivating video adds another layer of depth to the already fire song. Released on May 19th, “Rather Be.” has made waves and captivated fans with its infectious energy.

    Kai Ca$h continues to showcase his versatility and artistry with “Rather Be.” The new single exemplifies his ability to blend introspective storytelling with infectious melodies, creating a unique sound that resonates with listeners.

    The “Rather Be.” music video provides a vibrant visual narrative that unfolds throughout the streets of NY. Shot on location in the bustling metropolis, the video captures Kai Ca$h as he moves with purpose, reflecting the determination and drive depicted in the track. As the camera follows him, viewers witness his seamless integration into the pulsating rhythm of the city, emphasizing his determination and ambition, providing a dynamic backdrop for Kai Ca$h’s artistry.

    Check out the new video below.


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