Surf Arrives in His Purest Form on ‘Baddest Human’


    Returning to our page, Atlanta’s Surf completes his Bad Human trilogy with his new project Baddest Human. At 11 tracks and spanning a little over 30-minutes in streaming length, artistically, this is Surf at his purest form.

    Since early 2017, Surf has embarked on this journey to complete the trilogy in a way that showcases his artistic growth. 2 years removed from Bad Human, Surf followed it up with Badder Human, and while singles like Man and Better Days (which didn’t appear on the project) helped solidify Surf’s unique sound, the artist knew he mad more to offer.

    Throughout Baddest Human, Surf takes listeners through a day in his musical amusement park while showcasing the many angles and depths that make him the artist that he is today. With a very distinct sound, Surf captures his life very vividly allowing listeners into his own world. With the trilogy being complete now and having an immense amount of momentum to work off of, Surf shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Stream the new album down below via Spotify and head over here for your ordered streaming service.