Swavie’s Newly Released EP ‘Just Give Me Time’ Goes Beneath the Surface

    As cliché as it sounds, relationships are complicated. What makes it even worse is when the timing of it all is wrong. New Jersey singer-songwriter Swavie knows what it is all about to be with the right person at the wrong time. He shows the difference in what more time would’ve done for his relationship in his new EP.

    “The worst part of feeling someone is the fear of them not feeling the same” — Swavie

    This year, I was put onto Swavie’s music after listening to his single ‘Can You‘ featuring Ye Ali. Being fascinated by his sound and how truthfully honest his lyrics were, I was hyped to see he dropped his new EP ‘Just Give Me Time’ this month. Even though it’s only six songs and a runtime of 18-minutes, it provides all the essential vibes that’ll help you get over your ex. One of the songs that stuck out like a sore thumb was the lead single ‘So Far Gone.’ Once that beat drops, the mood is set. Swavie accepts his fate in this song, realizing there is nothing left for him to do because his lover has reached the point of no return. His transparent lyrics make it very easy to put yourself in his shoes. Lyrics like “move on/dealt with this for too long/I wait for you to prove me wrong,” and an intoxicating yet addicting hook where he echoes the song title is all the things that make this song what it is. If you are a fan of moody R&B music that you can vibe out to while on a balcony overlooking your city, I recommend Swavie.

    Be sure to check out his newly released EP below via Spotify, and head over here to stream wherever you get your music.


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