Tahj Keeton Delivers a Dreamlike Experience With His Newest EP ‘Cabin Food’

    College Park, GA native Tahj Keeton has yet to disappoint with his sequence of projects. The independent artist has come back off his high-energy project SARF with the release of Cabin Food, a 6 track EP which is sure to make your mind wander and paint images on your bedroom walls.

    From the intro to exit Cabin Food is a beguiling gem for lovers of alternative takes on the current scene of hip hop. This project presents a mix of introspective reflections to his state of mind pursuing his dreams like in “VCR Tune.” This is effortlessly combined with boastful headbangers that still deliver thoughtful messages to keep on your path with Exhausted. Even when Tahj takes a turn to more ambitious displays of his creativity he still executes to a high degree.

    You can really see this with Gawges. Sprinkled reversed drums and drowned layers of vocals take you out of your body into the world of the Atlanta artist. Exhausted is a favorite from the project as Tahj can combine the driving drums with his pensive mentality towards people’s input on his trajectory, but nonetheless, he pushes on.

    Tahj’s production is never something that fails to impress and this EP is another notch in his belt to show his ability to dial in on his distinct style. The Atlanta artist’s ability to switch flows and cadences between beat switches is something uncommon with a lot of today’s MCs. Highly recommend the project if you’ve never heard of Tahj Keeton. For those who’ve been listening, this should surely be a satisfying interlude before his next full-length project. Listen to Cabin Food here.


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