Tempest Comes Into Herself With the Immaculate “Heathens”

    Trying not to lose yourself in a world filled with negativity can be difficult. Trusting the process, Alternative R&B singer-songwriter Tempest has found peace in her journey. But what happens when unforeseen circumstances disrupt your journey? Her newest single, “Heathens,” is about her having a moment of self-realization about the person she was turning into due to her toxic environment. 

    Like my old coach used to say, “anytime you point the finger at someone, three more are pointing back your way.” As silly as it sounds, there is some truth to it. Looking at things from a mature standpoint, it was clear as day to Tempest, that she was at fault as much as the next person. Hence why the song is titled “Heathens.”

    Speaking on the track, Tempest shares, “‘Heathens’ is showing how quickly a situation can have you moving ‘unusual.’ You start getting addicted to their ways. Doing things you’ve never done before and it shocks you a bit because you like it there. You start to become them in a sense. Slowly turning into a heathen.”

    For this to be her third drop of the year, it takes a different approach sonically than her previous releases, “So Gone,” featuring Naomi Wild, and “Aqua.” While the song is listed as R&B, I couldn’t help but notice house music and pop elements, which help give this track some well-needed vibrant/lively energy. Nothing even matters once you hear Tempest’s lovely vocals, they’ll sweep you off your feet. She stuck the landing when she slowed things down and brought in the bridge. “Reasons to go down south just give me a reason.”

    We’ll have to wait and see what Tempest’s next move is. But surely, it involves more music centered around her eventful life and the stories that come from it.

    Be sure to stream “Heathens” below.


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