TGBEAM Delivers an Irresistible Offering With New Single “Bitchiest”

    Emerging from Los Angeles with incredible momentum, rising artist TGBEAM is making a bold return with an electrifying new track titled “Bitchiest.” This high-energy release diverges from TGBEAM’s usual musical style yet seamlessly integrates into the captivating and coherent world he has skillfully built through his previous songs. Spanning a little over 2 minutes, “Bitchiest” packs a dynamic punch, consistently radiating the intense and powerful energy that defines TGBEAM’s distinctive sound.

    TGBEAM’s music is a melting pot of influences, and “Bitchiest” is a prime example. This single showcases an audacious fusion of hyperpop, EDM, and indie elements, creating an experience that defies traditional categorization. TGBEAM believes in breaking free from the confines of genre labels, viewing artistic expression as fluid as the emotions it conveys.

    Describing his motivation, TGBEAM elaborates, “I wanted to create bad b*tch music for everyone. Something you could listen to and have it instantly boost your mood and keep you on the go.” This sentiment perfectly encapsulates the essence of “Bitchiest.” The infectious vitality of the track effectively bridges genre gaps. In a world where music often defies categorization, TGBEAM’s “Bitchiest” stands tall as a testament to his artistic vision and commitment to pushing boundaries.

    Listen to “Bitchiest” below.


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