The Analogue Pocket is a Sleek Take on the Classic Game Boy


    It’s time for retro gaming fans to listen up because there’s a new device in town. If you love nothing more than slotting those little black-and-white Tetris bricks together and taking on the pixelated world alongside Zelda, then you’re in luck, because Analogue Pocket will soon provide your daily dose of nostalgia.

    They call it the Analogue Pocket and it’s designed to play every classic Game Boy game ever produced, along with Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advanced. Plus, it employs a bevy of new hardware that would make the original Game Boy blush. Hardware like rechargeable batteries, a 3.5-inch LCD screen, and an HDMI dock that’s playable on your television with Bluetooth controllers.

    However, don’t call the Analogue Pocket just a new handheld gaming device, because it does way more than that. You can also create music with it, via the Nanoloop App that’s built into the system. That means you can create all the classic Game Boy-era music your nostalgic heart can muster.

    The Analogue Pocket will release next year for $199. Visit the Analogue site for more information.

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