The BlackSon Ponders Life with ‘My First Song’

    “I went swimming at the border of intuition and intention. And all I found was insecurity.”

    Routine introspection strengthens the mind. Accepting that he can’t control externalities, The BlackSon seems to have figured this out. While ‘My First Song’ isn’t actually his sonic debut, it overflows with the peace of mind that uncorrupted musicians possess. Unconcerned with the erratic actions of others, he emphasizes that his focus is self-betterment. That’s the only route to self-fulfillment.

    Produced by fellow Nashvillian AB Eastwood, ‘My First Song’ allows The BlackSon to address a personal new beginning. One of his signature traits is the conviction with which he speaks, and here it pairs fantastically with Eastwood’s heavy-yet-delicate arrangement. On this track, The BlackSon’s tone holds unwavering confidence that streaming data or social media followers won’t test. He’s already won an internal trophy. The younger him would be a fan. Check out the new single below via Spotify and head over here to stream where you get your music.


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