the NAIT SIRK Shares Impressive New EP ‘SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY

    22-year-old rapper-singer and producer the NAIT SIRK returns with his contemplative new EP SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY. The growth of the looming tracks gives listeners something to hold on to. At 6 songs in length, he proves he knows how to strike a compositional balance within his music- something both reflective and deliberate. the NAIT SIRK vocals remind us of a sort of digitized tribal emotion. His lyrics are but raw filtered, choosing to save the pristine polish for his unique instrumental choice. His experimental and off-kilter sound is often built around his personal experiences. Throughout the EP, he’s unapologetic, brash, and demands attention.

    Speaking on the EP, the NAIT SIRK shared: “To me, this EP represents resilience. It took quite a long time to get to this moment. There were a lot of ups and downs. But somehow, someway, we made it here.”

    As discovering artists becomes easier, more and more talented voices are able to be heard. In the coming years, artists like the NAIT SIRK will continue to rise. His multidimensional creativity will never leave your radar once he’s on it. With four months left in 2021, the NAIT SIRK is gearing up to make 2022 all about him. Check out the new EP down below.


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