The New Era of D. Knight Begins With “You See How Things Change”

    With You See How Things Change, D. Knight presents listeners with eight captivating tracks that span a runtime of 24 minutes. This collection of songs showcases D. Knight’s commitment to maintaining a high level of musical consistency. Notably, the EP includes previously released singles such as “Regular” and “M.I.A.,” as well as the Luther Suede-assisted track “Game So Cold.”

    When asked about the inspiration behind his EP, D. Knight shared, “What really shaped the sound of my EP is the work I’ve been doing with my producers Ash Matthews and Young Sunflower. We’ve built up a lot of chemistry over the past few years, and I really wanted to highlight that on this project.”

    But it’s not just about the music; it’s also about the journey that led to the creation of this EP. During its production, D. Knight was navigating through significant life changes, including relocating to Cincinnati a few months ago. This move presented him with the challenge of adjusting to a new environment and finding his place in a city he’d never called home before. As D. Knight put it, “At this point, I’m really just trying to find my way through life and get to a place where I can mainly focus on doing what I love.”

    As his music continues to evolve, D. Knight envisions his songs becoming more personal and transparent, evolving into storytelling that resonates deeply with listeners. He describes this project as a “life update,” with some tracks where he’s “just really talking that talk.” While this EP may not solely focus on one theme, D. Knight’s ultimate goal is clear: “I want to be the soundtrack to the life of the average everyday person.”

    With You See How Things Change, D. Knight invites us into his world, sharing his experiences and emotions through his music. It’s a project that encapsulates the ever-evolving journey of an artist and a person.

    Listen to You See How Things Change below.


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