The Prophet Najee Shares Fiery New Single and Music Video, ‘Recipe’

    Hailing out of Memphis, TN, The Prophet Najee’s eclectic taste in hip hop has aided him in crafting his own unique style. Najee’s natural ability to use his voice as an instrument with the beats he so chooses to dance to continues to create a truly infectious sound. Najee’s first offering of the year comes in the form of Recipe.

    The accompanying visual for Recipe, directed by Dear Who Production, is lively and entertaining. The hyperactive video combines beauty with raw energy, creating an intoxicating combination. It utilizes vivid coloration to capture the energetic mood of the song. Najee’s performance in the video is entertaining and spirited, matching his sprightly vocal performance.

    Overall, Recipe is an entertaining release from The Prophet Najee. The energy of the song is enjoyable and the catchiness of the songwriting makes for a fun listen. Check out the new video down below.


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