New York-Based Collective thebaremax Shares Second Home-Studio Album ‘SMUDGE’

    Based out of New York, thebaremax is a collective of alternative hip-hop artists with a consistent objective of creating feel-good music with their materials. Comprised of four members; Bert Knox, lamuse, GLENWORLDTOUR, and yeahCALEB, thebaremax demonstrates effortless teamwork, while each artist creates their own sound while maintaining a cohesive vision.

    After a year off, thebaremax continues to explore their creative direction with their second home-studio album “SMUDGE.” The album arrivals via independent label Bare Records; it includes previous releases “FACE” and “C4myself.” Shying away from their debut alt jazz-infused production project, “Pulp, the collective shows their versatility with edger production and enriched rhyme schemes that hold no limits. The project spans ten energetic and ambitious tracks, drenched in earworm hooks. Check out the new project down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming services.


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